LLC "Wood Industries"

Company LLC “Wood Industries”, founded in 2013, has opened in Ukraine a woodworking enterprise, whose core competence is the production of sliced veneer, peeled veneer, profiled timber and lumber.

LLC “Wood Industries” is based on many years of experience in the woodworking industry. The beginning of this case was given by the sawmill, founded in 1900, located on the territory of Turkey, which worked on the principle of a water wheel.

The management decided to open production in Ukraine in 2001. An industrial activity was carried out in the period from 2001 to 2013, and the result of this was the opening of a woodworking plant on the territory of Lviv region.

To date, LLC “Wood Industries” occupies a prominent position in its sector.

The enterprise occupies the territory of 2,5 hectares, there is a closed work area in the amount of 8000 m2. The firm employs more than 250 employees.

Substantially, our company manufactures products of domestic and imported high-quality wood species. Our products are used in the manufacture of furniture, doors, flooring, some interior decorative items.

Depending on the criteria of the order, our company produces veneer which is made of wood with natural humidity and within the passage of the technological process of heat treatment of wood. In the process of boiling and steaming of raw materials, there is the density decrease between the wood fibres, which provides a more qualitative cut of veneer. The company is equipped with technological pools to ensure the quality of heat treatment process of wood, drying chambers to provide the required humidity value and presses for the removal of unwanted waviness of veneer.

The company use woodworking equipment of such manufacturers as Cremona, Weining, BabcockBSH, Wemhöner, Valette.

The basic capacities of the enterprise allow to produce 1500m3 of peeled veneer, 800000 m2 of sliced veneer, 1500m3 of edged board, 800 m3 of profiled beam.

Many years of experience in the industry allows us to guarantee our customers with high quality products, flexible price policy and the implementation of the commitments in a timely manner, including production and delivery.

The importers of our production are the companies from Spain, France, Turkey, Egypt, Slovakia, Poland, Romania, Kazakhstan, Israel, South Korea, Germany, Bulgaria, Portugal, Russia, China, UAE.