Glued profiled beam

Splicing is a special procedure through which it became possible to produce of workpieces without knot sand workpieces of a certain quality.

In our manufacture jointing of timber is carried out in several stages. Material for splicing is prepared in advance, and unacceptable defects of wood are removed (trimming and optimization) or getting the trimming of right size and quality. The next is splicing of material along the length of the mini-tenon. Mini-tenon, or notched-wedge spikes are cut with special cutters on tenon cutting machine. The next stage is application of the adhesive, whereby the connection stick together when pressed. When the glue seam dries completely, we get a solid connection, which is considered one of the most reliable. Its strength is much higher than that of non-spliced timber with the same cross section. Then fused blank passes through a step of profiling by using quadrilateral machine to acquire the necessary form for customer.

OOO “Wood Industries” is one of the most successful manufacturers of glued profiled timber of coniferous wood in the domestic market. Our products are mainly used in the production of interior and exterior doors.

Glued profiled beam

  • Breed: spruce, fir.
  • Basic sizes (width / height): 28х42mm, 28х50mm, 28х60mm, 30х42mm, 30х50mm, 30х60mm, 32х42mm, 32х50mm, 32х60mm, 35х42mm, 35х50mm, 35х60mm.
  • Length: 2100-3000mm
  • Humidity: 10-12%

We produce our standard sizes, sizes can vary depending on customer order.